What is Divorce Mediation? 

A Voluntary process that helps couples come to a fair and equitable divorce agreement

Meetings with a neutral, trained professional Divorce Mediator who helps the couple work their way from impasse to solutions.

The focus is on all issues of divorce including parenting (child custody), division of marital assets and debts, child support, and spousal support (alimony).

Helps divorcing parents learn how to work together to determine what is best for their children -- which is a good practice for the rest of your lives as a family.

Most of our clients hire us before any divorce action has been instituted in Court. By proceeding to divorce mediation before any lawsuit for divorce has been commenced, you will not get on the Court appearance roadmap where, once the divorce action has been commenced, the Court wants to see you and your divorce attorneys in Court every one to two months. It is almost always preferable to complete the divorce mediation process first, and, once the Marital Settlement Agreement has been signed, then one of the parties can commence the action for uncontested divorce.