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Posted by William Leininger | Jan 26, 2023 | 0 Comments


Many people believe that once the two spouses reach a settlement and
sign and have notarized the marital settlement agreement, that the Court will
grant a judgment of divorce within a few weeks. 

That is not the case in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or the
Bronx! In most NYC boroughs, if you call the matrimonial clerk in your county,
and ask how long that it will take for an uncontested divorce case to result in a
signed judgment of divorce, the matrimonial clerks will usually tell the telephone
caller “between 6 and 9 months.”

It has been my experience that in many cases, it takes between 9 and 12
months from the time that your attorney files the uncontested divorce papers with
the Court in any of the five boroughs of New York City and when the judge
actually signs the judgment of divorce.

At my law office, we offer an Expedited Divorce for those who are anxious
to have the Court enter the judgment of divorce which formally divorces the
couple. Rather than taking 9 to 12 months, our Expedited Divorce is usually
signed by the Court within 45 days after we file all the papers seeking the
uncontested divorce. Indeed, we have had judgments of divorce signed by a
Supreme Court judge in New York State in as little as 11 days after we filed all
the legal documents necessary to obtain the uncontested divorce in New York

In the event that your judgment of divorce is not signed within 45 days after
you've returned all the documents prepared by our office duly signed by you and
duly notarized, then in that event, if the judgment of divorce is not signed by the
Court within that 45-day period, we will refund the $500.00 Expedited Divorce fee
even if the delay was not caused by any tardiness on our part. For example,
even if the judge assigned the case is out sick on a long illness, or is on a lengthy
vacation, that is not a reason why you should have to pay the $500.00 expedited
fee. As long as you signed the papers and had them duly notarized and returned
them to us then we guarantee that the judge will sign the judgment of divorce
within 45 days thereafter and if the judge does not do so, then you get your
$500.00 Expedited Divorce fee promptly refunded to you! 
If you and your spouse are anxious to get divorced at the earliest possible
time, call our office at 718-979-5200 and tell my staff that you are interested in
obtaining an expedited uncontested divorce and we will explain exactly how it
works! What have you got to lose?

Prepared as a Public Service by

William J. Leininger, P.C.
 Divorce Mediator and Divorce Attorney
 900 South Avenue – Suite 300
Staten Island, New York 10314
Telephone No. 718-979-5200
Email: [email protected]

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