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Mediation of Pre-Marital Agreements has come to Staten Island, New York!

Posted by William Leininger | Apr 03, 2023 | 0 Comments


Mediation of Pre-Marital Agreements Has Come to Staten Island

I am pleased to announce that our office now offers Mediation of Pre-Marital Agreements (sometimes referred to as "PreMarital Mediation") to couples planning to get married.
Exactly what is "Mediation of Pre-Marital Agreements or PreMarital mediation?  It involves a couple planning to get married meeting with a skilled family law mediator. Premarital mediation permits a couple to overcome the negative connotation of premarital agreements. Our goal is to set realistic expectations about married life. We aim to assist the couple to start their marriage on a strong foundation. We help teach the couple successful communication skills.
In essence premarital mediation occurs when a couple sits down with their mediator to have a mutual conversation prior to the marriage. We aim to open up the lines of communication between couples to help them grow.  It also helps eleiminate the "battle of aggressive divorce attorneys" who fight so hard over the terms of the Pre-Nuptial Agreement that often the couple break up and never get married!
By working with a third-party neutral to help you build a successful foundation for your marriage, you will receive the following benefits:
1. Help you have the "difficult conversations" prior to marriage.
2. Workout the combining of the finances, households, etc.
3. Learn how to communicate effectively.
4. Solve the problems before they occur
5. Discuss your goals and set reasonable expectations.
We offer a free 30 minute premarital mediation consultation to any couple who is engaged or considering marriage in the near future. What have you got to lose to find out more about this exciting new process which helps to drastically increase the odds of your marriage being a success?
Please call our office at (718) 979-5200 to schedule that free consultation. These free consultations are held via Zoom videoconference and can be scheduled on every day of the week except Sunday, including Saturdays and evenings.
William J Leininger, PC
Attorney and Mediator
900 South Avenue - Suite 300
Staten Island, NY 10314
Telephone: (718) 979 – 5200

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